Rules to live by from Roger Stone

Here are the lessons of a lifetime of work helping influence America’s politics and culture, learned from working for Richard Nixon and use to help make Donald J. Trump the 45th President of the United States.

Roger Stone is a freedom fighter to his admirers, a dirty trickster to his detractors. He is flamboyant, outrageous, articulate, and extraordinarily well-dressed. Here he lays out the maxims that have governed his legendary career as a campaign operative for four American presidents.

As a raconteur, pundit, prognosticator, and battle-scarred veteran of America’s political wars, Roger Stone shares his lessons on punking liberals and playing the media, gives an inside look at his push to legalize marijuana, details how much “linen” to show at the cuff of an impeccably-cut suit, lays out how and why LBJ orchestrated the murder of JFK, and reveals how to make the truly great marinara sauce that is the foundation of Stone’s legendary Sunday Gravy.

Along the way, Stone dishes on the “cloak and dagger” nitty-gritty that has guided his own successes and occasional defeats, culminating in the election of the candidate he first pushed for the presidency in 1988, Donald J. Trump.

First revealed in the Weekly Standard by Matt Labash and commemorated by CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, the blunt, pointed, and real-world practical Stone’s Rules were immortalized in the Netflix smash hit documentary Get Me Roger Stone—part Machiavelli’s The Prince, part Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, all brought together with a highly-entertaining blend of culinary and sartorial advice from the Jedi Master of political dark arts.

From “Attack, attack, attack!” inspired by Winston Churchill, to “Three can keep a secret, if two are dead,” taken from the wall of mob boss Carlos Marcello’s headquarters, to Stone’s own “It is better to be infamous than to never have been famous at all,” Roger Stone shares with the world all that he’s learned from his decades of political jujitsu and life as a maven of high-style. From Stone’s Rules for campaign management to the how-to’s of an internet mobilization campaign to advice on custom tailoring to the ingredients for the perfect martini from Dick Nixon’s (no-longer) secret recipe, Stone has fashioned the truest operating manual for anyone navigating the rough-and-tumble of business, finance, politics, social engagement, family affairs, and life itself.


Roger Stone is a seasoned political operative, speaker, pundit, and New York Times Bestselling Author featured in the Netflix documentary ‘Get Me Roger Stone.’

A veteran of ten national presidential campaigns, he served as a senior campaign aide to three Republican presidents: Nixon, Reagan, and Trump.

“Roger’s a good guy. He is a patriot and believes in a strong nation, and a lot of other things that I believe in.”

– President Donald J. Trump

Roger Stone was indicted on fabricated charges in the now-discredited Mueller witch hunt. He was subjected to a Soviet-style show trial in Washington DC. Roger Stone’s first, fourth, and sixth amendment rights were violated. His sentence was commuted by President Donald J. Trump as an act of justice and mercy on July 10, 2020, and he was pardoned on December 23, 2020.

An outspoken libertarian, he is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ, the Clinton’s War on Women, The Bush Crime Family, and the Making of the President 2016 – How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution, and Stone’s Rules: How to Win at Politics, Business, and Style.

Mr. Stone has written for Fox Opinion, Infowars, Breitbart News, The StoneZONE, The Daily Caller, Human Events, National File, Big League Politics, The New York Times, and many more.




"I'm diggin' this book. It's amazing."

-- Grant Cardone

"Roger Stone is a troublemaker—indeed, not just a troublemaker, but perhaps the premier troublemaker of our time, the Michael Jordan of electoral mischief. This is either terrifying or delightful, depending on your uptightness level. I love it."

-- Tucker Carlson

"I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today without Stone's Rules. There was a point in my career where winning was not enough ... So I took a lot of the Stone's Rules and applied them to fight promotion and that's why I'm at the top of the world."

-- UFC Champion Colby Covington

"Stone has been a colorful and at times maligned figure in the Republican Party who relishes political combat and playing a role in causing or exposing unseemly scandals."

The Washington Post

“We are living in the age of Stone. Indeed his journey from a Dick Nixon ‘Dirty Trickster,’ to Donald Trump’s man in the trenches, does roughly mirror the trajectory of the American right.”


"‘Stone’s Rules’ is the 21st century’s ‘Art of War’"

Myra Kahn Adams (Red State)


“Stone is one of the best sources in Washington for ‘inside dirt.’”


“Stone is one of the best known and best dressed political insiders in New York.”

Breitbart News

Possibly The Most Dangerous Man In Politics.


“Trump without Stone is akin to George W. Bush without Karl Rove or Barack Obama without David Axelrod.”

National Review

“What makes Stone such a tour de force is his ability to impact the campaign of both candidates.”

Red State

“Watching Stone is like watching a well-dressed cobra at rest.”